Are you considering selling your property?

Then you must be looking for the right real estate agency to help you through this process. You are looking for a real estate agency who thinks along and provides comfort when needed. Moreover, you would like the highest possible selling price and the best conditions. Choose Wielinga Makelaars: a young, fresh and driven real estate agency in Amsterdam.

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Each property is different. That is why we believe each property deserves a custom approach. Want to know more about our services? We’ll be happy to come around and discuss the possibilities with no obligation on your part. See below for a small impression of the selling process    


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Property sale step-by-step                               

 Introductory meeting
We will gladly visit you to make your acquaintance and to offer you a no-obligation appraisal. We clarify what is involved in the selling process, which tactic is necessary to achieve the most favourable result and which asking price can be applied. We also advise you about additional possibilities which can be beneficial for the sale of your property.

 Collecting information
In order to get the full picture ofyour property, we ask you to provide us with all relevant documentation of your property. This may include information on the homeowner association and possible guarantees. We also do our own research to collect any additional information (building archive and cadastre, among others).

 Layout of the advertisement
We believe that a clean presentation is of great importance when trying to make a favourable first impression. In addition to a catchy advertisement text, we provide professional pictures to represent your property in the best way possible. The property is measured according to the current NEN standard after which an interactive plan is created. The property is then advertised.

We enlist the property on various websites, with Funda as the most important one. The property is made available in the exchange system of real estate colleagues, who can offer it to any potential buyers.

The moment has arrived! We can show the property live to all interested parties and answer any questions. We find it important that this takes place in a well-organised manner, which is why no more than two candidates per 15 minutes conduct the viewing at the same time. This ensures a pleasant and manageable viewing in your home.

The highest bid is not always the most appealing. There are various conditions that may offer you much more certainty as a seller. Together we will find the option that suits your needs best.

 Reservation agreement for property purchase
An agreement has been reached. We can now go to the notary to sign the purchase deed. The buyer chooses the notary in most cases and we make sure that all relevant documentation is sent to the notary. We check the purchase deed and always go over it with you before the signing. We are also present at the notary at the moment of signing.

 Financing period
In most cases, buyers need mortgage financing. We will closely monitor this process to make sure that everything goes according to plan. We also provide you with the necessary updates to keep you aware of the progress.

 Delivery/Property transfer
The moment has arrived! We perform a final inspection of your property, after which we accompany you to the notary where the legal transfer takes place and the keys are handed over. We also go over and check this deed with you beforehand.

 Parting ways, for now
Our ways part for now, but of course we’ll remain available to you for any questions.

Since each property is different, we offer custom packages with suitable fees. We’ll be happy to get in contact with you to discuss the possibilities.

 Private sale
We understand that not everyone feels the need to advertise their property on the Funda website. A number of situations can be imagined, such as not wanting to show your property due to privacy or security reasons, or not wanting everyone to know you are selling your property. In such cases, we can offer your property to potential buyers with the necessary discretion.

Would you like more information about this selling method? Contact us for more information.