Interested in renting out your property to expats? Use our broad network and extensive experience!

Over the years we have acquired considerable experience with renting out properties in and around Amsterdam. We understand that each person has different needs and are able to anticipate this. We’ll gladly take the search out of your hands and find you a suitable tenant in a pro-active manner.

Why choose Wielinga Makelaars?

  • Loyal
  • The beste annual rent income possible
  • The best presentation of your property (with professional photography, among others)
  • Good screening of tenants
  • Legal knowledge 
  • Tenancy agreement is fully covered
  • No-cure no-pay

Contact us now to get some free rental advice


  Introductory meeting
Wielinga Makelaars will gladly visit you with no obligation to provide you with custom renting advice. How much rent can be applied? What kind of legal matters will you face? What more can you expect from us? All these questions will be clarified before our cooperation starts, to ensure a future cooperation that is as transparent as possible.

We believe that a good presentation is of great importance when trying to make a favourable first impression. In addition to a catchy advertisement text, we provide professional pictures to represent your property in the best way possible.

Naturally, a good presentation should be displayed through the appropriate channels. We cooperate with over 25 websites and various renowned international and national companies through which your property can be advertised. Your property will also be shared with a large number of real estate colleagues.

Based on the received requests, we will arrange the viewings with you. The property can then be shown live.

 Rental proposals
If we receive one or more rental proposals, we will first examine these ourselves. In this way, we can check whether the tenant has sufficient financial resources to pay for the monthly rent. We also check the personal background of the prospective tenant.

If the tenant passes our screening, we will present you the proposal and discuss it together. At Wielinga Makelaars, we search for the right match between tenant and owner. After all, a long-term agreement is involved.

The proposal has been discussed, and you feel 100% comfortable with the new tenant.Approved! Congratulations!

 Drafting the tenancy contract
We draft the tenancy contract and, if necessary, translate it into English. In this contract we establish all agreements made. Any specific wishes may also be incorporated. The draft version will be presented to the owner for approval first. After approval, we present the contract to the new tenant and make certain that it is promptly signed and that the payment is settled. Wielinga Makelaars collects the first payment to ensure that this happens smoothly.

 Handover of keys
All agreements are properly established in the tenancy contract, which is signed by both parties. After the tenant has paid the full amount, the keys can be handed over. We will perform an inspection beforehand. During this inspection, we will document the entire condition of the property through a written report and pictures. This is important because you, as the owner, would like to receive your property in the same condition and the tenant pays a security deposit to guarantee this. The report and pictures will be sent to both parties after the inspection.

We strive for a long-term cooperation and we’ll therefore always remain available for questions.

Would you like to relieve yourself of all rental concerns? This, too, is possible! We offer a rental management option. This means that we become the first point of contact for tenants, collect the monthly rent and process any rent increases. Would you like more information about this option? We’ll be happy to provide you with more information with no obligation on your part.

Our renting fee: 6% of the annual rent excluding VAT 21%

Our rental management fee: 4,5% of the annual rent excluding VAT 21%